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Limavady Central Primary School, Limavady
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25th Oct 2023
In our school, we believe that by using the CPA (concrete/pictorial/abstract) approach to mathematics, we can promote a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts for our pupils. This approach can also make learning maths more fun, which is always important! 

Our P7 class certainly enjoyed finding out about volume, using practical materials. 

Firstly, we designed irregular 3 dimensional shapes, using 1cm cubes. We were able to calculate their volume by counting the cubes. 

Next, we created regular 3D shapes, like cuboids and cubes. We were able to discover why certain numbers are called 'cube' or 'cubic' numbers. Look at our photos to see us busy making cubes- some of even managed to make a cube from 216 cubes! 

After that, we worked out that we could calculate the volume of our cuboids and cubes by using their length, breadth and height all multiplied together. 

Finally, we were able to use our new skills to calculate the volume of regular shapes without even having to build them.