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Limavady Central Primary School, Limavady
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24th Nov 2023

This term in Primary 1 we have been having fun using a fantastic Maths resource called Numicon. Numicon is a physical resource, ideal for concrete-pictorial-abstract teaching and learning. This multi-sensory way of learning is great for kinaesthetic learners – children who learn by doing.

Each shape represents a number from 1-10 and the numicon pieces are perfect for tactile, multi-sensory, hands-on learning experiences. Using Numicon regularly empowers children to become familiar with the shapes, recognising them visually and linking them to the representative number.

As you can see, we have had fun pressing the Numicon shapes into playdough and playing hide and seek with the Numicon in shaving foam. We've used different Numicon pieces to cover animal shapes, and created and continued our own Numicon shape patterns. We've even enjoyed investigating the number bonds of 5 using the Numicon shapes. 

Click through the photos to see the fun we've had exploring this amazing Maths resource!